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Hangar Lift

Increase your hangar space.

  • Customised to fit any aircraft.
  • Lifts for Nose-wheel & conventional aircraft.
  • Lifts for Helicopters.
  • Easy adjustable wheel interface.


Optimise the utilisation of your helicopter

  • Easy Manoeuvrable
  • Single person handling
  • No attachments to your helicopter
  • Durable and simple

Aircraft skates

Aircraft mover

Increase your hangar flexibility

  • Designed and build for aviation
  • Easy Manoeuvrable
  • No attachments to your aircraft
  • Durable and simple
  • Design and build in The Netherlands
  • SWL 250kg till SWL 10Ton
  • Flat tire aircraft skates
  • Jet movers
  • Used in Military industry for drones and jets

HangarTools is Designing, Producing and selling aviation equipment in Europe, all our products are produced in the “Van Bussel Metaal” factory in the Netherlands.

For quality tools and aircraft lifts there has not been a supplier in Europe. Hangar Tools fills that gap by designing quality Hangar Lifts and Helicopter dolly’s.

We have developed a range of standard products and are flexible to design customer specific solutions since 2008

Equipment from HangarTools is only being sold via this portal our factory is located in the Netherlands and our Sales engineer is based in Denmark.

Creating hangar space

UL/MLA/VLA lift:
-Very economical serial produced.
-Customised in our factory to fit your aircraft
-230 Volt.
-Single colomb
-SWL 500 kg

GA lift

-Price starting from 14.000,- € excl. VAT  ex. transport.
-Complete customer specific designed and produced,
-Mounted against hangar column or free standing
-400 Volt 3 phase
-SWL 1000 KG till 2000 KG
-Adjustable aircraft interface
-Tailwheel option
-Complete customer specific designed and produced,
-Customer specified colour,

-Price starting from 14.500,- € excl. VAT  ex. works.
-Complete customer specific designed and produced,
-Customer specified colour,
-400Volt 3phase.
-SWL from 2000 KG, and up.
-Free standing or mounted against hangar column

Military aircraft storage:

-For military aircraft and drone storage
-Complete documentation package
-Worldwide delivery

A Hangar lift ensures a safe parked aircraft free of “hangar rash”, an economical way of increasing hangar space.

Move your Helicopter quick, safe and simple!

We produce any size for any Helicopter.

-Split design for  level landing area and easy transport
-Anti slip top surface
-Wheels are customised to accommodate the helicopter weight and impact force
-All steel is powder coated to ensure a long lifetime
-Automatic brake when handling bar is down (optional)
-Reflective edges (optional)
Build to the absolute highest standard to ensure a long service life.